We aim to free people everywhere to experience life to the fullest through a cleaner, healthier environment by converting renewable resources into innovative cleaning tools and yarn

About BPPL Holdings PLC

As the parent company, BPPL Holdings understands its pioneering and groundbreaking role in developing and creating eco-friendly products which sensibly make use of natural resources.

Through our subsidiaries Beira Brush (Private) Limited and Eco-Spindles (Private) Limited we move forward in manufacturing products that help create a cleaner and greener Sri Lanka whilst generating value for our customers worldwide.

Beira Brush (Private) Limited manufactures a range of brushware for a multitude of purposes. The company’s brush facility produces professional and household cleaning tools, with sophisticated machinery producing more than 6.5 million pieces annually.

Additionally, Beira Brush also manufactures an impressive 10 million linear feet of semi-finished and finished units of woodblocks per annum ranging from plain to painted finishes.

Eco-Spindles (Private) Limited produces synthetic filaments and polyester yarn for our local and international customer base.

Using recycled PET and other materials, the company manufactures filaments that are used in our own brushware and by other brushware manufacturers worldwide. In a landmark pioneering venture, Eco Spindles also produces polyester yarn using PET flakes. The manufactured recycled draw textured polyester is tailor-made to serve fabric manufacturers across the world.

We take pride in our sustainable manufacturing processes. On-going programmes within the Group include ethical sourcing, responsible packaging, electricity generation, non-hazardous chemical use, waste recycling and rain water harvesting.

At BPPL we continuously strive to manage our businesses to be responsive, ethical, open and accountable, promoting a relationship of respect and trust among all stakeholders including our shareholders, customers, the government, the community and all our employees.

Board of Directors

BPPLs’ Board of Directors consists of four executive directors, one non-executive director, and three non-executive independent directors. The Board is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of corporate governance and conducting business ethically. The Board also ensures the enhancement of stakeholder value while fostering trust and confidence.

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