We aim to free people everywhere to experience life to the fullest through a cleaner, healthier environment by converting renewable resources into innovative cleaning tools and yarn

Sustainability / Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance and risk management combine to define how we conduct business, driving efficiency whilst providing sufficient safeguards to preserve value.

Our Board is committed to conducting our business ethically and keeping the highest standards of corporate governance, by maintaining finely tuned internal control systems that comply with generally accepted practices, whilst making every effort to enhance shareholder value.

Our board is characterized by a healthy balance of power, and this extends to its sub committees, that ensure a range of outcomes, for instance that the Company has well established, formal and transparent procedures, as well as reviewing the coexistence of our conformance to regulations , and performance across the board.

We also recognize the importance of proper risk management in all areas (business risk, operational risk, human resources etc) and have a systemic risk mitigation strategy to deal with each of these areas.

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