Leading Change Towards Greater Impactů

BPPL Holdings PLC is founded on the philosophy of a conscious approach towards sustainability. Harmony between people, work and the environment is deeply rooted in our culture as we continue to infuse meaningful sustainability processes throughout the Group. Initiatives such as ethical sourcing, responsible packaging, lower energy consumption, hazardous chemical elimination, waste recycling and rain water harvesting are on-going programmes within the Group.

At BPPL, we believe that recycling is the only responsible option. From sourcing unusable wood shavings from our own saw mills to power our kilns, investing in solar-based power generation panels, using recycled polypropylene in our plastic brush backs and through our PET bottle recycling facility we continue to significantly reduce any environmental impact commercial waste generates.

Our yarn extrusion project which extracts polyester yarn from discarded PET bottles showcases our unique contribution towards environmental conservation through recycling plastic.

We continue to stand resolute as true pioneers driving an economically viable and sustainable roadmap for a brighter tomorrow.

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