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School kids using a green color bag to collect plastic materials


Eco Spindles Pvt Ltd., the nation’s largest plastics up-cycler and a fully owned subsidiary of BPPL Holdings PLC, has always advocated the proper disposal and collection of plastics in and around the island.

Eco Spindles employs several different methods of plastic collection including, working with corporate partners who invest in waste plastic collection bins, waste plastic collectors, and Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). Through these methods, the company supports many programs to create awareness of proper methods of plastic disposal.

The company also greatly supports schools around the country to organize projects to create awareness of proper plastic disposal. So far, over 100 schools around the country have organized their own initiatives which were supported by Eco Spindles.

One such project ‘Bothal Pancho’ was implemented recently by students of Delgalle Primary School who organized their own creative campaign to advocate proper disposal and collection of plastic. The students organized a ‘Perahara’ which depicted the importance of collecting, disposing, and recycling plastic in the correct manner.

Dr. Anush Amarasinghe, Chief Executive Officer of BPPL Holdings PLC shared his thoughts: “It is wonderful to see schools all around the country implement their own initiatives to educate and create awareness of the importance of collecting and disposing of plastics. We are fully prepared to extend our fullest support to these initiatives as educating the future generation is of paramount importance.”

The company also organizes educational tours and programs at their facilities for students, where students can learn and experience the process of plastic turning into high-quality yarn and brushes. The products including the yarn, brushes, and more are then sold to a multitude of international brands, which generates much-needed foreign income. Eco Spindles fully extends its support to these campaigns and initiatives via educational programs for students and schools in rural communities and in Colombo, in which they showcase the importance of proper methods of collection and disposal of plastics to the environment and demonstrate how plastic can be given a new life via upcycling and recycling.

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