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As per our CEO, Dr. Amarasinghe, “Eco Spindles is not able to recycle without the support of our partners for collecting the much needed and valuable raw material of PET plastic waste. We do not see PET plastic as waste but a valuable commodity which can be recycled and converted into new products, thereby generating new livelihoods in Sri Lanka.”

This is why Eco Spindles proudly partnered with Coca-Cola in PET plastic clean up and collection drive at the sacred Kataragama Festival, as part of their annual “Give Back Life” initiative, aimed at ultimately, collecting and recycling the equivalent of every bottle they sell in Sri Lanka- which we then will convert into new, products such as brooms, brushes, clothing and shoes.

The zeal of the volunteer teams who participated in this milestone event is testament to the desire for a change in attitude towards recycling and sustainability, evidenced by the fact that 4227kg of PET bottles were collected. This has further motivated the pilgrims and visitors of this site to be more conscious of their plastic disposal, thereby making this more than just an initiative – rather, a movement, inspiring more people to contribute by supplying plastic waste from their own homes, workplaces and communities.

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