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In the last decade, Sri Lanka has mismanaged 1.59 million metric tons of plastic waste yearly that ultimately finds its way to the ocean. Seven out of the 12 Indian Ocean rim countries are significant plastic polluters, Sri Lanka included. The recent MV X-Press Pearl container explosion has further amplified issues around marine pollution.

Appropriately discarding the plastic waste is critical. Ensuring that the collected waste is recycled is even more important. Plastic bottles collected from across the island – beaches, collection centers, and the ocean – is brought into Eco Spindles’ recycling facility in Horana. This facility recycles approximately 7,500,000-9,000,000 bottles of PET plastic waste per month.

Sri Lanka’s leading plastic recycler Eco Spindles (Pvt.) Ltd, a fully-owned subsidiary of BPPL Holdings PLC, leverages technology to keep count of the plastic waste collected from the beaches. Using an app, collectors input the collection numbers ensuring Eco Spindles can trace the amount of plastic collected.

Online link for full article – http://bizenglish.adaderana.lk/a-mistreated-oceans-cry-for-help/

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