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he Responsible Fashion Summit was launched as part of the Responsible Fashion Movement, with the objective of showcasing Sri Lanka as an apparel sourcing destination which is working towards creating a supply chain that is responsible, eco-aware, and accountable.

The third summit took place on the 8th of August 2018, at the Hilton Colombo, to update the conversation in light of new issues facing the global fashion industry and the new technology and initiatives designed to solve them.

As expressed at this event by our CEO, Dr. Amarasinghe, we are veritable pioneers in manufacturing products that help create a cleaner and greener Sri Lanka whilst generating value for our customers around the world. For instance, the recycled yarn we provide for brands such as Pigeon Island, as well as for the 2019 Sri Lanka cricket team’s jerseys (a joint venture with MAS).

In developing these products out of plastic waste, we give organizations the chance to be more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. The Responsible Fashion Summit provides a global platform to broadcast this message- plastic isn’t waste, and can be used to create value added goods including high quality performance garments. Further, by sourcing the raw materials locally, we are able to reduce lead times, inventor costs and the carbon footprint for the leading fashion brands for which Sri Lanka supplies.

The summit, conceived of by Mr. Singh, the founder, it was important to steer this discussion in the direction of sustainable practices and traceability. To him, this goes beyond the summit- he wishes for the fashion industry and relevant stakeholders to engage with the insight provided on oceans and plastics and its role in the ‘Journey Towards Circularity’.

Alongside MAS, Brandix, and the Hidramani group, wecame together to facilitate this. Their stories, their innovation and their drive was inspiring – and not unlike our own.

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