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Eco Spindles was delighted to support this venture into corporate social responsibility. In an effort to encourage recycling amongst their employees, they placed recycling bins at 15 factory locations, where over a 1000 employees work.

Initiated by YKK zippers at the BOI Zone in Awissawella, they not only provide a the means for their employees to recycle their household PET waste, but have also introduced a “PET day” concept for every month in order to increase collection efficiency.

This PET would then be collected, transported, sorted, and crushed into flakes, synthesized into the value added recycled goods Eco Spindles is known for.

73% of beach litter worldwide is plastic. The need to recycle ocean plastics is more imminent than ever. All these collection points are therefore no more than 50km from our coastlines- a purposeful and effective step, and partnership in the right direction.

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