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Eco Spindles( a subsidiary of BPPL), has proudly partnered with Coca-Cola and the Fisheries Harbours to set up collection centers in several of Sri Lanka’s main fishing towns, including Negombo, Galle and Hikkaduwa, as well as an efficient transportation network for these bottles to our factories. Here they will be sorted, washed, and crushed into flakes , and then transformed into a range of recycled products, including yarn for the apparel industry and the like, and monofilaments for cleaning tools (for our sister company Beira Brush).

This initiative works, and has the potential for greater success and longevity because of its transparency, as well as the financial incentive it gives fishermen and the villagers in the areas to properly dispose of these bottles. This in turn initiates a culture of recycling in the area, and a positive attitude towards environmental conservation, which will be passed down to children.

Our goal is that for every plastic bottle taken out to sea by our fishermen, they bring one back. And hopefully, eventually, for every bottle everyone else purchases, one is recycled too.

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